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Waterless Cookware – The Healthy Cooking Choice

The Healthy Cooking Choice

Excutive Summary by Steve Denning

Waterless cookware. Reasons for today’s waterless cooking revival are numerous and important to know. But recognize that waterless cooking is actually old news, a simpler, easier, old-fashioned way of cooking healthy, nutrient-rich, wholesome meals.

Waterless cooking retains 98% of vegetable nutrients. In Grandma’s kitchen, healthful minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants were plentiful and retained.

Mineral deficient diets are a major contributing factor to ‘modern’ diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and depression.

USDA findings (see USDA Nutritional Values of Fruits and Vegetables published October 2001) compared 1975 nutrient values of various fresh produce to those of sample 2000 crops (a few comparisons): (1) Apples-vitamin A down 50% (2) Sweet Peppers-vitamin C down 31%

(3) Broccoli-calcium and vitamin A down 50% (4) Watercress-iron down 88% (5) Cauliflower-vitamin C down 45%, B1 down 48%, B2 down 47% (6) Collard Greens-vitamin A down 45%, potassium down 60%, magnesium down 85%.

Waterless Cookware

Critical to a healthy body and mind is a revival of healthy cooking and farming methods.